Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010


Dear Family,
Well great news first off... The Zamora Uribe Family was baptized this last Saturday! It was such a great experience. The Mother, Marta and her two sons, Victor, and Charly or Carlos. It was great Elder Radmall Baptized Charly the 12 year old my new compnanion Elder Noyes one of the brazilian elders baptized Victor and I baptized the Mother Marta. It was so great and we had 7 investigators there as well! We didnt fill the font up enough though and Marta's dress kept coming up so i ended up having to baptize her 5 times the fifth time we got it right and she was baptized. She laughed and just said after that she was the most pure person now and that she just neded to have it done five times. haha Great attitude, i was stressing though im not gunna lie, i was like man poor lady we just cant keep her dress under. They then were confirmed members of the church and recieved the gift of the holy ghost the next day in sacrament meeting each member of the branch president confirmed a different member of the family. Man it was a great baptism, the twelve year old charly was so excited he was like lets practice baptizing before the baptism. It was great. One of my favorite baptisms for sure. They are all my favorites though. Viky Garcia gave a talk as well at the baptism, and then on Sunday Victor Uribe our other convert his wife and son gave talks in church! They did so great! Man i felt like they were my family and i was just so proud of them. They were really nervous they said before but the spirit really guided them and they bore such pure testimonies of how they knew they needed to be baptized and that these things were true. So it was a great weekend. Man im so excited that Jadyn got to be baptized! Man that is great, and in Spanish even better! Man her and i are going to be able to speak spanish to eachother after the mission. Its cool to think about how much the Lord has blessed us here Victor first was baptized he set the example for his family, then his wife and kids now his sister and her kids, I know i needed to be here to do whatever little thing the Lord needed to help this family. It was all the Lord's doing i am just happy i got to be a part of it. I did get the pills thank you so much Dad. The weather here is cooling off a bit but its nice, especially being on a bike, just night time gets a bit chilly... haha We just gotta see who we are going to baptize now. Elder Allred and Elder Pineda are serving as companions now, haha two of my sons serving together. haha I know that the Lord works through miracles, he has shown me this numerous times. When times have been tough he has brought us through and blessed us so much. Man another family, the Sons want to be missionaries. I sure hope they get to serve missions. This gospel is so true, there are people that we can help bring to christ we just have to listen to the spirit and he will guide us to them. God lives, he loves us so dearly. I love you all and thank you for all you do. Sorry this is short a little rushed for time. But i had to tell ya the real important stuff. ahah Talk to you later. Love you Ashley!
Elder Riding
P.s Victor Uribe said he was really crying when his son and wife gave talks. His son used to be a little rebelious but has changed alot and he was just so proud. It was so great to see that! Man what a blessing from the Lord. A family being changed and coming closer together!

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