Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Great week

Dear Family,
How are you doing? Im doing great! That is so cool you got to see Jordan! Man im so happy he had such a good experience on his mission. He is the man! He probably changed a whole lot of lives out there. Well everything here is great. We may be having two or three weddings here within the next few weeks. We have a few couples that want to get married and baptized. its my last transfer and i have to get lots done. I want to go out the very best i can. My companion and i had a cool experience yesterday at church, instead of having elders quruom because there were not very many brethren we went out and serached out alot of the members and went and visited them. My companion and I got to go to with President Roman the branch president, he is such a great man i sure do love him. We got to go visit this part member family, it went really well the husband has been wanting to get married and baptized and has finally found work and we are just going to try and help them get the marriage license and get it all set to go. I sure love this work, Sacrificing is the most important thing, When we truly want something we must sacrifice to get it. Say for instance a young man wanting to marry a girl he must sacrifice all he can to be able to provide for her, or a bishop in a ward sacrifices time and his talents and love to help others be blessed and feel loved. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to sacrifice. In our companionship which is like four of us basically we have learned to sacrifice a whole lot, we instead of getting rides just decide to bike, partly because we cant all fit in the little Carolla's but also becuase just like with the Pioneers they gave up all they had for the cause of righteousness. They gave up their homes, lands jobas and many other things. Because they had Faith and knew that the cause they were in was true. I know this church is true. Yesterday at church it was great to get to hear the testimonies of several of the members hear and hear how the gospel had changed their lives. Im doing all i can to keep going strong because im really not finishing my mission but really it has just begun. I know more of what i truly need to do to be a disciple of Christ. Sorry this is short as well, but you understand. haha I love you guys. This church is true and God lives. Joseph SMith was a prophet. We have a prophet today.
love you all so much,
Elder Riding

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