Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Dear Family,
How is everybody? Espero que todos esten muy bien. Las semanas siempre se me van tan rapido. No puedo creerlo. Estoy tan feliz que tengo esta gran oportunidad para poder servir a los hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial. Cuando salgo de aqui se que los voy a extranar mucho. Me acuerdo cuando Presidente Greer me aparto de nuevo para ser misionero, El me dijo que haria amistades que yo tendria para las eternidades. Asi lo ha sido. He conocido personas tan buenas que darian todo lo que posean para servirle al Senor. I hav truly loved these last two years of my life. It has been a truly LIFE Changing experience. I will never forget it. This will probably be my last email I write to y'all until i see ya in a few weeks. Im funny and think that if i sacrifice even till the end of my mission we will be blessed and we will find someone to teach and baptize. So i have decided that hey ill see ya in a few im going to keep myself 110% focused, i was already trying 100% before but i wanna try even harder now and go out the very best i can. Its like me trying to truly show my Love for the Lord. Abraham being tested in his amount of love for the Lord was commanded to sacrifice his son, so you probably wont hear from me, but if you got ?'s or whatever for me go ahead and ask ill still check my email im just gunna probably not write unless you need to know something from me. I just want to truly give it my absolute all and even then some these last few weeks. I love you guys. I love our Father in heaven and His son Jesus Christ, i have felt such peace and comfort from them since being out here. I need to show them my Love for them. I will see you guys in a few weeks. Hopefully we should be able to baptize a few more before the time is up. This church is True. Im doing great keep me and the work in your prayers.
Love always always,
Elder Michael Riding

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